Miracle Herbal Ball

Miracle Herbal Ball

Reduce pain, help relax, reduce tense, breast screening

Today I would like to write a story that is a little closer to you, which is the herbal compress.

Believe that everyone must know and be familiar with more or less And whether Thai or foreigners, all have to use Thai-style items like the compress for sure. The compress becomes a unique feature of Thai wisdom.

Especially after the massage that has to be pressed Herbal compress every time to help relieve pain. Relax muscles Reduces inflammation and regurgitation after massage

But it’s not that the compress will only help reduce the pain. Of course, new mothers who have problems with milk flow, little milk and breast tightness. Can also use the compress bag as well But there may be a slight adjustment to the formulas of the compress components.

In addition, the compress is applied to massage the face to stimulate blood circulation. Make the face smooth and soft. By changing the herbs to taste more discreet Not as hot as traditional compress

How good is a compress?
This time, let’s see why the compress has the ability to soothe and heal the pain.

This is because the herbal compress ball The principle of treatment is based on the heat from steaming which can affect the shallow skin tissue. Causing the tissue to rise in temperature resulting in increased blood flow to the skin Causes body fluids to flow to Good tissue Can bring nutrients to Repair the wear and tear Make the muscles That area is soft. And increase the rate Metabolism as well.

In addition, heat can affect flexibility and reduce muscle contraction. Reducing chronic pain and joint pain as well.

However, the use of heat in The compress may give the same result. With the use of heat for other treatments, such as the use of hot compress bags, hot compresses in modern medicine Or even overlaying a salt pot, burning herbal medicine

But more special than other types is the herbal compress, resulting in the rate of Heart rose And may cause the level Blood pressure can drop significantly Statistically in healthy volunteers

Herbal compress ball consists of various herbs. Despite the effect of cold, hot, sour, contains both allaholic and Essential oil By heat Is the carrier of important substances through the pores Imbued into the tissue Resulting in feeling comfortable Relieve tension And make the rate The heartbeat decreases and the smell of the compress also makes the nose clear, especially if used in patients with respiratory allergies and mild asthma.

But if that result is good We recommend using a fresh herbal compress, which is better than a dry herbal compress. Because heat can carry important substances into the skin tissue better and smells fresher. The disadvantage of dry compress is There is a small amount of essential oil because it is lost during processing and drying herbs.

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